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Twisted decorative braided cable

Used for transmission of electrical energy and electrical, optical signals.

Copper stranded

Cross-section: 0.75 mm; 1.5 mm; 2.5 mm

PVC insulation / 300V

Class inner conductor: 5


Decorative braided coax cable

Is used to transmit television signals in the systems of broadcasting, cable and satellite TV, systems of video surveillance.

Settings: 75 Ohms

Diametr of wire: 11 mm

PVC insulation

The diameter of the inner conductor: 0.36 mm

Diameter of the outer conductor: 2.4 mm

Class inner conductor: 4

Attenuation constant:

862 MHz — 64.5 dB / 100 m

2150 MHz — 106.5 dB / 100 m


Twisted — braided UTP cable

Diameter of wire: 9 mm